Sebastian and Co.


Sebastian & Co brings you the finest quality beef from BC and Alberta's premiere cattle ranchers, including Blue Goose Cattle Company. The Sinclairs, owners of Blue Goose, are farmers of the highest integrity – they treat their animals, and the land they live on, with the utmost respect and dignity. We are proud to acknowledge Blue Goose not only as a fundamental part of our business, but also as wonderful friends.

Because we work from whole sides of beef from Blue Goose, we are able to offer any cut from tip to tail. Custom orders are always welcome. Some cuts, such as our popular Argentinean Vacio, are in limited supply, so please call ahead to avoid disappointment.

For our dry aged program, we offer Certified Angus beef ranging from AAA to Canada Prime. Whether it is certified organic or not, all our beef is pasture-raised and grain finished for beautiful marbling and fantastic taste. The beef is allowed to grow at nature's pace without growth hormones or feedlots.

For information on our dry aging process, please click here.