Sebastian and Co.


Our pork farmer, Jerry Kitt from First Nature Farms in Alberta, plays an important role in our business because not only does he supply us with the whole hog from which Sebastian pulls his chops, roasts, ribs and tenderloins, but Jerry's pork is also the foundation of many of our most popular sausages.

First Nature pork is flavorful, lean and delicious – very distinct from the pork found at supermarkets. And nobody provides a happier life for their pigs than Jerry ... he even plays the accordion to them!

In addition to First Nature, we also carry natural, free range pork from Paradise Valley, Alberta. The Sunderland Family make sure their hogs have all the freedom they want to root and dig in straw and mud. Their nutritious diet consists of vegetable grain that is free of antibiotics and animal by-products (75% of the feed is grown on the Sunderland's own farm, while the remaining comes from their neighbours to ensure the best quality feed for their animals)